If you’re a fan of the Buzz Adams Morning Show you may be familiar with these two terms often in the same sentence:
Dallas Cowboys…
While it might not have seemed like anything more than a joke after Week 1 (Dak Prescott went down with a thumb injury and was expected to miss several weeks, leaving it up to Cooper Rush), the Cowboys actually have a path to the No. 1 seed in the NFC with one week to go in the regular season.
But let’s make this clear up front: it’s still a long shot.
Here is what needs to happen in simple terms…
Dallas gets the No. 1 seed IF:
• Dallas beats the Washington Commanders
• New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles
• Arizona Cardinals beat the San Francisco 49ers
So maybe you’re thinking — yeah, the Cowboys should win and the Eagles COULD lose (especially if Jalen Hurts misses a third straight game), but San Francisco losing to a bad Cardinals team at home…yikes.
That wouldn’t be the worst thing. That brings up this scenario…
Dallas gets the No. 2 seed IF:
• Dallas beats the Washington Commanders
• New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles
• San Francisco 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals
It’s not entirely impossible, but odds are most likely the Cowboys end up getting the No. 5 seed and a Wild Card spot. If the Eagles win, it doesn’t matter what the Cowboys do, they’re locked into the 5.
So what would that mean? Everything comes full circle. The Cowboys would have to play a ROAD game against the NFC South champion….TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. Yup, they’d have to go beat Tom Brady on the road.
Imagine that, a season that started with a loss to Tom Brady, Dak’s injury and the world ending in a 19-3 loss could now continue with a revenge win against the GOAT.
Could this finally be the year the playoff drought ends? More importantly, it’s time to end the curse of Rowdy.

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