What should be done about Cohen Stadium? That was the question at a community meeting, and it seems like the answer from the City is, tear it down. Northeast city rep Sam Morgan and other City officials revealed a preliminary master plan for the Cohen site, and the ballpark was nowhere to be seen.

In its place there were hotels, apartments, multi-family housing, office space, a park, an aquatic center, retail shops and a zip line. There was some pushback against the plan by people who said the City shouldn't be in the business of developing a community. There were also people who said that they didn't want sports to be a part of the master plan - they wanted to see an entertainment venue instead.

When asked why there was a need for hotels, the architect said they could help draw more sports tournaments to the area, but there was an overriding theme from those in attendance - less sports, more entertainment.

Morgan said the plan is just a preliminary idea that they wanted to present to northeast residents, but if you know anything about architectural plans, you know that they don't come cheap. More than likely thousands of dollars were spent on the master plan that was presented, but like I've said, if you want the City to do what you want, they have to know you vote and that you will vote them out if they don't do what you want. Northeast residents, if you don't want the master plan that was presented, keep going to meetings and call your city rep - here's his number.

I think the area would be amazing for a big splash park that could be used for 10 months out of the year because of our great weather. If you have an idea, voice it to City Manager Tommy Gonzalez or Mayor Dee Margo.

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