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As spring draws nearer and bluebonnets begin to appear, the official state flower of Texas is expected to be in full bloom because of the mild winter. Furthermore, it's believed that we will see bluebonnets in different colors this year. Yes, bluebonnets grow in blue, white, red, pink, and light blue, and they are all considered to be the official State Flower of Texas.

The Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and our state legislators in Austin all remind us to be on the lookout and preserve our State's bluebonnets (as seen in the video below). However, there is that age-old rumor that picking bluebonnets, mowing them down, and or just destroying bluebonnets is against the law, right?

All the years when I was growing up, I heard the same thing from my parents, grandparents, relatives, and public school educators, we were always told not to pick bluebonnets it's against the law and you could be arrested. Is that correct?

Well, NO and YES, let me explain. First off, if you are picking bluebonnets from your own yard, relatives' land, or even off the side of a road that is perfectly fine. The side of a public road picking would have to be done safely. However, if you are in a State or National Park that is where you will get in trouble.

It is very much against the law to pick any bluebonnets and/or any other wildflowers from a State or National Park. Doing so in a designated public area of government-protected land is illegal and comes with a pretty good fine. Additionally, it is against the law to pick any flowers from private property if you haven't been given the proper permission. It's called trespassing.

So go out find those bluebonnets and pick away, and keep in mind the best time to plant bluebonnets seeds is in November and December.

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