Maybe you've heard the rumor, or one of your friends shared a social media post declaring In-N-Out Burger has seen the light and is finally coming to El Paso. Supposedly, allegedly there is a building going up on the Far East side that when completed will supposedly, allegedly be the first In-n-Out in the 915.

As El Paso continues to grow, more and more national and regional chains have taken notice, so it's not too far fetched a rumor. After all, there's been a surge of them lately establishing locations around town, or announcing future plans to do so -- most recently Dutch Bros. Coffee and Weck's.

Like H.E.B, Cheesecake Factory, Trader Joe's and Panera, an In-N-Out Burger is high on El Pasoans wish list.

That is probably why every few years the In-N-Out rumor resurfaces. No doubt a case of wishful thinking, as El Pasoans have longed for a hometown location for years. But could it be? Is In-n-Out really expanding its brand to El Paso?

"Unfortunately, the information regarding plans to open an In-N-Out Burger in El Paso is not accurate,” wrote Carl Arena, Vice President of Real Estate and Development for the restaurant chain, in response to an email I sent inquiring about the social media speculation. He added: "Currently, we do not have any plans to open a restaurant there, although we know that El Paso is a wonderful community.”

Womp womp womp. Ahh, yes; the corporate equivalent of it's not you it's me.

More than likely the latest In-N-Out-is-coming-here rumor is the result of a photo 915 on Blast posted on April Fools Day of a building under construction similar in look to an In-N-Out restaurant with a “here soon” banner hanging on the construction site fence.

As is wont to happen when the internet and the annual day set aside to play practical jokes collide, the picture was probably lifted and shared, and just like that, a new rumor was born.

So, yeah, looks like the state's 6th largest city will remain without an In-N-Out for the foreseeable future and El Pasoans will have to keep hitting the road to get their Animal Style and double-double burgers fix.

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