It is no secret that when it comes to food El Pasoans love themselves a bellyful. So, what better place for a restaurant that prides itself on serving “lots of food” to expand to (pun totally intended) than El Paso.

Weck’s, an Albuquerque-based restaurant chain known all over the state of New Mexico for its ‘full-belly tradition’ of big breakfasts and bountiful brunches, is bringing its hefty meals to the Sun City.

The popular morning stop for many a New Mexican is taking over the former Souper Salad spot next to Big Lots! on N. Mesa and Resler on El Paso’s west side.

Ironically, Weck’s will be in the same area another primarily New Mexico chain was in up until it closed that particular location in October of last year; Blake’s Lotaburger. The building the fast-food chain formally occupied next door is now a Western Beverage.


Although there has not been an official company announcement, a “coming soon” banner with the Weck’s logo hanging on the front of the building all but confirms the rumor. A peek inside through the plate glass windows revealed renovations on the interior of the building have not begun as of this writing, and it is not known when it can be expected to open. Word on the street, however, is that it will be this year.

The future location will be the first for the popular breakfast stop not just in El Paso but in the state of Texas. There are currently 14 in the Land of Enchantment one can get a bellyful at, including a Las Cruces location at 1745 E. University Ave., the first in Southern New Mexico.

While best-known for its enormous breakfast burritos, mountain of hash browns they call the Papas, and belly busting breakfast plates, the menu also features a variety of lunch items, including burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

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