Stand back, y’all. El Paso’s favorite fluffy comedian just reignited the Whataburger vs. In-N-Out debate that has raged for years. Gabriel Iglesias is taking sides, and it ain’t ours.

Tweeting a photo of the In-N-Out drive-thru menu with the caption, "Sorry Texas. I love u but this is my soul" Iglesias showed his colors in the social media burger war, and it’s not orange and white.

The outcry was swift with many of Gabe’s Texas fans clowning him with mock anger and dismay.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little hurt Gabriel went there. But we still agree Chico's Tacos are the best tacos anyone will ever drink, right, Fluffy?

Whataburger vs. In-N-Out Fun Facts

Whataburger is currently in ten states, but California is not one of them. More than 690 of its approximately 820 locations are in Texas. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, it is headquartered in San Antonio.

There are about 360 In-N-Out locations in seven states, but the majority of them, more than 250, are in a California. There are 40 Texas locations scattered throughout Central and East Texas. The closest In-N-Out to El Paso in Texas is in San Antonio.

They’re both have legions of vocal fans who sing their praise and will fight you if you disagree.

And like Star Wars vs. Star Trek, NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys, Pepsi vs. Coke, red or green tamales?, and were Ross and Rachel on a break?, the Whataburger vs. In-N-Out debate will likely continue for years to come.

(BTW, the right answers are Star Wars, BSB, Coke, red, yes, and Whataburger.)

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