I have come to appreciate doom scrolling as I get older. Spending any extra time on social media outside of work is actually exhausting to me. Yet, it is all I have as a mom with an infant.

I use it to decompress after a day of work or motherhood by staring at nonsense or learning about things that happened in El Paso.

Of course, FitFam is the perfect example to get all this mindless info in one place, but my own personal algorithm has some hidden treasures provided by El Paso pages I follow.

Instagram Posts by El Pasoans

People dancing in costumes are some of my favorite videos. It is always funny to

An inspirational story as to why Scotch & Butter does what it does

I don't want to think about politics. Just pizza.

I also would like this shirt if you ever sell it again, Deserto Pizza.

Props to Dr. David Jimenez, Dr. David Yates and team for their skills that attracted doctors from all over the world. It is so nice to see El Pasoans doing great things, while I lay her trying to recover from COVID. Those people are true heroes.

A spicy challenge I hope to watch in person one day at Kaedama helped put a smile on my face and hope for the future. The future of eating contests in El Paso. They are hinting at a BIG one coming soon and I feel our radio stations need to be a part of that.

I am ending this article with a photo of a chihuahua dressed as a Pope at Bodega Loya. Pure pup perfection. If only he would have blessed me, I might have not been so sick this past week.

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