Instagram selfies in Texas will never be the same. Let’s please have a moment of silence for those who are mourning this tremendous loss.

*moment of silence*

Ok, now let’s move on. If you haven't heard the news yet, as of Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has removed the ability to use some of their filters for those living in Texas.


The reason? Well, Meta says that this is due to Texas’ facial recognition laws. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, filed a lawsuit against Meta citing the company's alleged misuse of their facial recognition technology. 

Paxton’s office is accusing the company’s social media platforms, like Instagram, of including facial recognition technology without the user’s permission which is something that Meta has denied, but the company did announce that some filters would no longer be available in Texas. Whatever the case is, the internet will never be the same without some of those fun filters!

Personally, I was never a fan of filters but after scrolling through my Instagram feed I noticed that there were a few people who did not like this new change….

And there were also some people that were THRILLED about these changes. Here’s a few reasons why some El Pasoans were celebrating the removal of Instagram filters:

“I love it. I can see what these women really look like.” 

(Brb rolling my eyes because men are out here acting like they didn’t use filters themselves, too!!)

“It blows my mind.”


“I’m glad for it. Embrace your feyito Mijas and Mijos. Yay! No more catfish.”


“Hasn’t changed my experience at all."


“Love it."


“No filter is my lifestyle, just look at my profile haha we don’t hide the face of hard work!"


“Hating it."


“I love it!! Reality."


“Girl..... *insert crying emoji*



And of course, in true Fitfam fashion, the social media page FitFam El Paso shared some hilarious memes in response to this news with one reading “Driving to Las Cruces for the third time this week to get a good selfie.”

Look, we’ve all been guilty of using filters every now and then (yes men, I’m looking at you, too) so this new change will take some getting used to but the mom in me is hoping that this new change will allow us to embrace our true beauty! Be proud of your imperfections and if all else fails, just throw on some sunglasses and a mask. 


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