Not only El Pasoans going to Burning Man but, really, "Burners" from all over the Borderland should know about this group.

Burning Man 2023 will happen from August 27th - September 4th in Black Rock City, Nevada. The week long event celebrates art, culture and ... it would appear ... random weirdness.

A local group ... Border Burners ... exists to hook up Burning Man fans with one another. It's also meant to help them enjoy the event, get to regional Burning Man events and keep the Burning Man spirit alive and in practice all year, here in El Chuco.

The Burning Man website describes the localized groups, known as "regionals", this way:

The Burning Man Regional Network plays a key role in the year-round extension of the Burning Man experience, supporting it as a global cultural movement. In cities around the world, Regional Contacts help local Burners connect with each other, while bringing Burning Man principles and culture into their local communities through events and activities, year-round.


Burners, as Burning Man aficionados call themselves, throughout the El Paso - Las Cruces area have a local "chapter", if you will, to help them stay in touch with one another and attend not only Burning Man itself but also regional Burning Man events.

They help organize ride shares too. If you want to know more about Burning Man and what's happening locally, reach out to these peeps.

If you want to know what exactly is up with Burning Man in general, click here.

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