I know your probably going to see many posts about a this LEGENDARY singer by the name of Juan Gabriel.  Growing up in the Sun City, you most likely had your grandma, grandpa, tío, tía, pops, or MOM (mama Juanita) play "QUERIDA" via 8-track, 45's, or on the RADIO (which by the way TOPPED the charts for a WHOLE YEAR)!!!

Juan Gabriel brought many, many adoring fans to tears as they san along to hits such as Hasta Que Te Conoci and tear jerker, Amor Eterno (many fans loved when Rocio Dúrcal version AND he wrote this song for his MOM)!

He was born the youngest of 10 children in the western state of Michoacan.  His father, Gabriel Aguilera, was a farmer and his mom, Victoria Valadez, a housewife.  The family lost contact with his father he was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Mexico City when Juan Gabriel was still a baby.  Unable to support her children, his mom moved the family Ciudad Juarez, where he grew up as she worked as a maid.

Juan Gabriel said his mother was one of the people he most loved in his life even though he spent most of his childhood away from her.  Unable to care for him, she sent him to an orphanage.

"Even though I don't have my mother's love today, I have the love of millions," he told the newspaper La Jornada in an interview in 2012.  "Her love comes through all the mothers of   Mexico."  Which as MOST EL PASOANS AND JUARENSES KNOW he LOVED JUAREZ!

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto said through his official Twitter account:  "I regret the death of Juan Gabriel, one of the great musical icons of our country.  My condolences to his relatives and friends."

This afternoon I was talking to Sam in the Afternoon (promotions guy extraordinaire/the gent you see with us at remotes/the one that looks like Mario Lopez) said it best, "He was a SUPER happy man and did not care about what people said about him, he love music and LOVED his FANS!"  AND I AGREE!!!!

Here is one of my favs'