One El Pasoan brought us to tears while singing Amor Eterno during the flashing tribute of the Star on the Mountain in honor of the victims during the first anniversary of the Walmart massacre.

August 3, 2020, marked the first anniversary of the Walmart mass shooting that took place near Cielo Vista Mall where a lone gunman shot 46 individuals, killing 23 and injuring dozens more.

Memorials took place all over the city with luminarias, murals, floral installations, including the flashing of the Star on the Mountain 23 times, for each victim that was killed.

During the flashing of the Star on the Mountain, local musicians, Aniles Zeraven accompanied by Pancho Mendoza, (also a music teacher) on guitar, sang Amor Eterno. The song which was originally written by Mexican singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel has been used to express the grief and sorrow felt after a loved one's passing. The song was made even more popular once Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal began covering the song. Since the mid-80s, Amor Eterno has become the most-played song at memorials and funerals across El Paso and Mexico alike. In the wake of the tragic mass shooting the sentimental ballad has taken on a new meaning for us all in El Paso.

Watch as Zeraven beautifully sings Amor Eterno as the Star on the Mountain flashes 23 times behind her in a solemn and beautiful tribute to those innocent souls we lost on August 3, 2019.


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