Easter time is upon us so that means another year of attempting to copy ideas off of Pinterest. You can find tons of cute Easter ideas and hacks on Pinterest. Tricia has even shared some hacks for dying Easter eggs the easy way. If only I followed her words, I would have had an easier time decorating these eggs.

I found three news ways to dye Easter eggs off of Pinterest. The first involved drops of nail polish and a cup of water. You basically drop in a few drops of nail polish then roll the egg in the colors. I unfortunately, dropped it straight to the bottom. I think it still came out pretty nice.

My second attempted to copy Pinterest involved dying Easter eggs with shaving cream and drops of food coloring. I really liked how the shaving cream was easy to spread the colors, but I again was too hard and just ruined the egg.

My third and final attempt involved white rice and food coloring. You fill a Tupperware with rice and add a few drops of food coloring. You then mix the rice and food coloring a little, then add the egg. Gently shake until completely covered. This one was my favorite because it was the cleanest way to dye an egg. Like most people, my version looks nothing like the Pinterest version, but I am okay with that!

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