Easter egg hunts are some of the most fun events of the Spring season. Unfortunately, some bad egg (family members) take this holiday as a chance to pull some Easter egg pranks. I've seen multiple people mess with homemade cascarones (confetti eggs) by taking out the confetti of the eggs or little prizes and started stuffing some nasty stuff in them instead.

Some people just want to watch the world scramble, as Easter eggs continue to be used as weapons of war during an egg hunt. Here are the top 5 things I think people should stop putting in Easter eggs if they want to avoid a family fight.

  • 1


    Yes, the good ol' flour in the egg joke has gone on for years. People think confetti is hard to get out of your hair, but flour sticks on to the sweat that has been created on your scalp while running around for eggs. So not a fun time when it comes down to getting clean.

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    Oh yeah, you know there are people who fill up those plastic Easter eggs with some type of liquid so they can then throw flour or some other dry type of ingredient. Those are the evil people nightmares are made of.

  • 3


    Kids LOVE slime. They love to watch YouTube videos on people playing with slime, making slime and swimming in slime. While the slime might come out of the Easter egg easily, you know by the end of Easter egg hunting, somehow, someway, that slime will be covered in good ol' El Paso dirt.

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    Okay, kids expect tons of candy on Easter. They are thinking bunnies are eating up all the carrots on Easter Sunday, not them. I don't think it would be the happiest thing to do to fill up plastic eggs with baby carrots, which I actually saw on another website as a recommendation. Do not do it, unless you want your kid to cry and throw it on the ground.

  • 5

    Egg Yolk

    You think it will be funny to leave a raw egg or restuff a cascarone with the yolk? No, that is just gross. There is no need to be gross just so you can film you smacking someone on the egg with it and attempt to go viral on YouTube or Instagram. Just have fun and stick to confetti.

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