Easter is this Sunday and if you haven't already spent tons of money on pre-made confetti eggs then you are probably going to start dyeing eggs soon. Sometimes getting all the stuff together can be a complete mess, so why not be extra and try something you saw on Pinterest.

I attempted different ways to dye Easter eggs using shaving cream, nail polish and even rice. In the end I had colored eggs but also a mess and water somehow destroyed my computer. I would only recommend the rice in a bowl for those of you who want to waste food but less mess. The shaving cream was really fun, but super messy as well as the nail polish hack.

I absolutely adore the traditional vinegar and tablets from the store because it was easy, it was fun and we didn't have to try all these things for social media. It was a way to be creative, creating your own design and not wasting so much material. If you decide to try any of these, please share them with us by sending us a photo of them through our free 93.1 KISSFM app.

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