With Easter coming up this Sunday a lot of folks should bypass purchasing fresh eggs for the fun of decorating due to the high demand of eggs during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Among the buying frenzy causing a shortage of some goods such as toilet paper, and hand sanitizer – eggs too are now hard to come by in most areas. For many, Easter egg decorating is an annual tradition, however, during these unprecedented times, I would advise that you don’t use fresh eggs and leave them to be used for actual food.

Fret not because there are plenty of alternatives to using fresh eggs.

Several stores including Walgreens, Walmart, Target and many more have plastic eggs and confetti-filled Easter eggs available for purchase. Even better, all these stores also offer delivery, pick-up or drive through in Walgreens case to abide by social distancing safeguards.

The alternative not only is cleaner to some extent but it will also help to not deplete egg availability at this time.

Last week when I went to the store there was a very limited supply of eggs available and even at that, it was limited to one carton per customer.

This year let’s be mindful of others who are food insecure who rely on basic staples to keep food on the table. Please don’t purchase fresh eggs to decorate those Easter eggs and instead go for the plastic or confetti-filled Easter eggs for your at-home holiday celebrations.


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