Popular west side hot spot, Erin's Bar, closed over a year ago. Leaving many loyal customers sad to see it close. Many young westsiders have fond memories of the good times had at the iconic bar. Well, it's coming back! The new owner has remodeled Erin's and it looks amazing. Erin's will have a whole new modern look. New bar, bar stools, tables, and bathrooms. Even the back patio has been improved.

Karaoke will now be center stage with new sound and lighting. Erin's regualars should not worry. It still looks like Erin's just newer. The stained glass behind the bar remains. As well as the overall layout. Erin's even pays tribute to the old Erin's. You see what I mean when you go. The bar is almost ready. Erin's is just waiting on a few finishing touches. The bar should open in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

Angel Gonzales