I know that last week we were still in the upper 90s for high temperatures and it seems like we are just beginning to get re-used to having kids in schools and being back at work on a regular basis instead of everyone being at home and trying to figure out the logistics of all that. We were just learning how to be at home and in each other's faces 24/7 when things kind of fell back into a sort of pre-pandemic normal routine again and taking a breath after the weirdness of the last 18 months but take another deep breath because the holidays are literally right around the corner.

In fewer than 100 days, 97 to be exact from today, it will be Christmas Day. I mean, what the heck, we just barely got into Pumpkin Spice season and Hot Girl Autumn. We haven't even done Hallween yet. I get it, really, but this year Thanksgiving falls on November 25 so the shopping, cooking, baking, traveling, pull your hair out because of all the stuff you need to do season will only last a month after Turkey Day.


When I realized how close we are I made a checklist. Maybe this will help you get ready, too.

1. Gift list - Right now, while you have a clear mind and the craziness hasn't kicked up, make your shopping list. Be realistic about what you are going to buy and divide it up into paychecks. The holidays are too expensive to put on one paycheck so spread it out.


2. Make a party schedule - Contact your friends and family to make a preliminary party list. They might not have thought about it yet either, but if you all get together then you won't have to deal with the hassle of two parties on one night.


3. Buy your tickets - If you are traveling for the holidays, right now is the time to buy. Prices will only go up and the way airlines are cancelling flights, you want to be ahead of the game rather than having to scramble. Also think about travelling by train. It might be an easier and cheaper option.

Manuel Faba Ortega

4. Cut yourself some slack - There are a thousand things to do. Write them all down in a list and check them off as you get them done, but don't freak out if you don't get to everything. Do you remember what didn't happen last Christmas? The things that fell by the wayside because there was no way you could get them done? Yeah, no one else does either. As long as you make it seem like this was what was supposed to happen everyone will think that you are the Queen of Christmas so don't sweat the small stuff. Merry Christmas!


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