All morning long, I've been reporting on a horrific car crash that killed two people and put 3 more in the hospital.  El Paso police say that speed and alcohol are factors in the crash that happened this morning around 2:30.  Now there are 2 families who won't be ringing in the New Year, they'll be making arrangements for their loved ones funerals.

The scary thing is, that crash could have happened to anyone.  We've all gone out partying, drinking too much, showing off in a car for our friends.  It's only the luck of the draw that we made it safely home. 

But when you become a parent, you know your kid is likely to do the same thing, and you want to impress on them how important it is to NOT do those things without sounding like a fuddy duddy.  Well, I used to tell my kids starting when they were very young and I was worried about "stranger danger", that Target doesn't have a "Ryan" or "Sam" department.  I can't just go out and replace them if they were lost.  I told Ryan that when he left on all three of his deployments to Iraq, and I told Sam that when he left to Austin to go to college. 

When they became teens and started driving, I told them that I couldn't fix dead.  I can fix a ticket by paying it, I can go bail you out of jail, I can even go pick you up if you call me and tell me you can't drive or you're afraid to get into a car with a friend who has been drinking too much.  But I can't fix dead.  I can't bring you back to life by offering mine to God.  All I could do if you make the tragic decision to drink and drive or get into a car with someone who has been drinking, and you die, is stand by your grave and cry bitter, devastated, unending tears of grief.  I won't ever be the same.  Your grandparents might not be able to weather your loss.  Your aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, everyone you know will walk with stooped shoulders from the weight of regret at your lost life. 

I can't fix dead - neither can anyone else.  Please, please, please, don't drink and drive.  Do whatever it takes to stop your kids from drinking and driving.  I can't imagine the pain the families of the 2 people who are dead from this mornings accident are about to go through.  I only hope no one else would have to go through it ever again.