The human doppelganger of the feline internet celebrity, Grumpy Cat was arrested and charged for a hit-and-run that happened in the Lower Valley Tuesday morning. After taking one of the best mugshots ever, sorry Paris and Lindsey, we have a feeling we have seen this grumpy man around El Paso.

Oh yeah, that's why he looks so familiar. This is outside the studio. We usually give him the left over coffee and donuts from morning show guests.

Scott Ronson

Scrolling through some festival photos, we found him hanging with the guys from Young Guns! I am guessing he wasn't too fond of reptiles.


Whoa, he looks extremely upset at that snake.

We did spot him having some fun...I think.

Wet n Wild/Facebook

Grabbing some drinks with his friends at Balloonfest!

He even took on The Screamer at Wet-N-WIld and didn't even scream.

Wet n Wild/Facebook

His friends look pretty proud of him.


He must have stayed for the concerts because he was rocking in the front row!


After all the adrenaline that must have been flowing through his body from the rides, he jumps into the crowd to start the crowd surfing!

Duke Keith

His more recent photos show him enjoying the Insane Inflatable 5K that happened in El Paso last month!


He also seems to be a pretty big El Paso Chihuahua Fan.

Mando Medina

Hopefully, he can turn that frown upside down but until then, we hope to see him at more of our events!