I already bought the dress. What do I do now?

Once the Coronavirus pandemic hit America, many people had to put life events on hold. This pandemic is frightening and it is hard to think of hosting any type of event that may put your loved ones at risk.

My fiancé and I said 2020 was going to be our year.

I really hope this is not some bad omen after saying that.

We ordered the invitations back in February, way before El Paso Mayor Margo issues a 'Stay Home, Work Safe' order for El Pasoans. Back in October, we put a down payment down for our venue at Ramirez Pecan Farm. I bought my dress on Black Friday at POSH bridal. Now, it just sadly sits in an empty closet. Below is a gallery of things I have or have thought about a lot during quarantine:

Emily's Ideas for a Sad Wedding

According to NBC.com, wedding culture may not be the same thanks to COVID-19. Many brides are worried about the extra spending that comes with a wedding. During these times, we all have to be strict on budgets. We never know how long we have our jobs or something comes up and we need to touch our savings. All I keep asking myself is if I should still have a wedding?

Plus, weddings are very intimate settings with a variety of people. Will gatherings even be a thing anymore?

Almost every other day I mention to my family how scared I am about having a wedding during a COVID-19 pandemic. Now, my dreams of a wedding have turned into a dangerous gathering ideas. I don't want to sound selfish and I am grateful to still be working and being with my family, safely at home. I am just a little bummed about everything after saying 2020 will be my year.

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