I have a bunch of friends who are married or in relationships that have sky rocketed to the next level. ON THE FLIP … I also have some who have called it quits or are about to. All of them give credit or blame to the same thing … PANDEMIC. Straight up the first few months for me it was like camping or a unique vacation (Connie, Steve and I were all working at home). After awhile though … GOOD LORD!!! Not easy. Not easy at all. This is a TQOTD that Alicia and I came up with on our vacation. I was very curious about your answers.

If you are in or were in a relationship in the past year, how did COVID affect it, good or bad?

  • Mine I'll say was pretty good. I was able to see what kind of bf I had. I'm gonna tell ya that he was worthless, and hated to help me when I had surgery. Pushed my children on to my mom. He pulled a good one on me! So did I, though, when I told him to get the frog out! I've been single since then! So thanks to the pandemic for me seeing the darn truth!
  • We have been married 22 years. We both agreed 22 years ago that divorce is not an option. We have acreage and a pole barn as well as the house. We know when to stay in our own corners lol and know when to meet in the middle. We have a honey do list and sometimes we work on it together and sometimes solo.
  • My husband and I got married in 2019, so by the start of this pandemic we were and are still in our honeymoon phase. Inseparable. Love him more every day.
  • We have been married 20 years, but haven’t been on a date out in over a year. It’s a real bummer…
  • Pretty damn good. I feel real REAL confident that since we lived through this, we are aces! We actually did what we were supposed to during this pandemic, we moved in together the exact day our schools shut down (2 kids 6&7), and I have never lived with anyone before in my life other than my kids. That was a full test, and honestly they were the easiest part of the whole thing.
  • My fiancé works from home now. We got engaged during the pandemic.
  • Good, we moved in a lock down, and now we are moving out of the state
  • Mine hasn't been affected...
  • We're the same. My husband is a farmer. So his Day to day didn't change much and I work in healthcare administration, so I was never able to get to work from home. 20 years going strong.
  • Went very well. Nothing different.
  • It didn't affect us at all. He worked still, I was still a homeschooling SAHM.
  • We've been together for almost 8 years and married 2 in May. We both have worked the entire time but we have certainly weathered some storms.
  • Nothing changed here. Worked the whole time. Did Not have an issue getting supplies.
  • Good we were able to get to know each other more and we are expecting a baby in 10 days
  • Good! We got extra time together and just had another baby 3 months ago haha
  • I got engaged during Covid and was able to test drive married life. Good news, after a year of Covid BS and seeing each other 24-7, we didn't kill each other!
  • Middle of a divorce, actually. Stupid Rona
  • Good I think. We spent more time learning about each other and not going out constantly spending money.
  • Still going strong. And when we both got Covid, me worse than him, he took great care of me. He hated dropping me off at the ER so much it started him smoking again...darn excuses. Of course on top of that every appliance broke in the house so even though we had some money issues and smoking issues lol we still are going strong
  • Covid first negatively affected our relationship cause I was a lot more worried about it than my husband. Then I lost my stepmom in May & I was sick of not seeing people I love because of it & was scared of losing anybody else without seeing them, so I loosened up a little bit, which he was glad for. It impacted our wedding planning as well, & made that process more difficult - more money, etc. NOW... I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant & feeling anxious about covid again since I'm considered to be at higher risk. Lots of ups & downs. So grateful my husband loves me & sticks with me even though I struggle with anxiety 🙃
  • It absolutely made no difference. I married my best friend.
  • After 39 years of marriage I thought we’d kill each other and we realized we still love each other lol
  • Honestly...at times of being together 24/7 I would say I was ready to jump off a cliff. But I would say we are closer and better friends now than we were before.
  • We did well over the past year with staying healthy, and our relationship has been stronger than ever. Now, we are both riding through Covid. You find out alot about each other when you are sick at the same time.
  • At the beginning of the pandemic, I was in a toxic, unhealthy relationship. Being in lockdown was a huge breaking point and oddly enough, gave me the courage to end it. While dating has been a bit different during COVID, it actually was a huge life saver.
  • We had only been dating 6 months before the shutdown. It was the best thing to happen to our relationship. It allowed us to spend extra time together (he travels for his job and was suddenly home). If it wasn't for covid, I would've never been willing to leave my downtown condo and move to our new house. Coivd taught me to find peace in the quiet moments of life and I am so thankful for that.
  • I found love in Covid-19. I started donating plasma during the Pandemic and found love saving lives!
  • I guess good because a coworker and I didn't realize that we had feelings for each other until we were not able to see each other for 3 months. When our shop was able to open back up we told each other that we missed each other and we started to spend time together outside work.

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