Yes, you read that right; the new Whataburger Dr. Pepper Shake is now available in El Paso and Las Cruces. 


If this were a Tell Me You’re From Texas, without telling me you're from Texas moment, then my answers would include Whataburger and Dr. Pepper.  

There are two things that El Pasoans love; one is Whataburger, and the other is Dr. Pepper, and when you put the two together, you get the all-new Dr. Pepper Shake. 


Whataburger and Dr. Pepper go hand in hand, and it’s no wonder that the Texas burger chain paired up their notoriously thick and creamy shakes made with the soft drink Dr. Pepper. 

Actually, the Whataburger Dr. Pepper Shakes debuted last year during the pandemic in specific select markets, including other parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  

Left off the roster were El Paso, Arizona, and New Mexico, and instead, Whataburger released the classic Root Beer Shake version. 

So, what’s it tastes like? It tastes just like you would imagine, a deliciously cold and creamy concoction. If sweet is what you’re seeking, then a Dr. Pepper shake from Whataburger is where it's at but take note because this delectable shake will set you back anywhere from 430 calories for a small and up to 870 calories for a large.  

Empty calories or not, I thoroughly enjoyed mine (small); and if you want to try one, then hit up your local Whataburger because the Dr. Pepper Shake is only available for a limited time in El Paso and Las Cruces.  


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