El Paso Sun City Pride is back hosting its annual Easter Basket Drive this weekend at Memorial Park.

El Pasoans are invited to celebrate Easter with El Paso Sun City Pride this weekend at Memorial Park, as they will be distributing over 300 Easter baskets.

El Paso Sun City Pride

As part of their commitment to helping bring our community together, El Paso Sun City Pride returns with their annual Easter Basket drive this weekend.

El Paso Sun City Pride will be hosting the drive-thru Easter basket event at Memorial Park this Sunday, where over 300 baskets will be available for families to pick up beginning at 9:00 am.


How It Works:

  • El Paso Sun City Pride will set up the drive thru-location on the 1600 block of Copper Street at the intersection of Copper St. and Luna St.
  • Look for the Pride flags that direct all guests to the location of the basket distribution site.
  • Motorists are encouraged to approach the drive-thru location going EAST bound on copper from Piedras Street and continuing to then exit onto Copia Street to avoid congestion.

Safety Precautions:

  • Masks are required, and El Paso Sun City Pride staff will be enforcing all COVID-19 precautionary measures to ensure all attendees' safety.
El Paso Sun City Pride

The El Paso Sun City Easter Basket Drive is made possible by the fantastic donation efforts of the Girls Scout Troup 64201, Lee Store at the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, One Stop Bail Bonds, and the Borderland Rainbow Center.

Celebrate Easter this weekend with El Paso Sun City Pride and get to meet with organization members while picking up a complimentary Easter basket at Memorial Park.

For more information, including Easter basket donations, visit suncitypride.org.

El Paso Sun City Pride

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