If you have kids you know that getting a photo of them with Santa can often mean long lines and hours of waiting to get that precious couple of minutes with Old Saint Nick. You can check out where you can get photos at Cielo Vista Mall and Bassett on our website, and this is when you can get photos with Santa at The Fountains at Farah.

The Fountains at Farah will be welcoming Santa on November 26 which gives you enough time to get that photo and get Christmas cards printed or even a photo printed, framed, and sent off to loved ones before Christmas. The Fountains at Farah also light up their entire promenade on the lower level with tons of lights so you can do the Santa photo and then get more pics that will be totally Insta-worthy.

Children visiting Santa in his Christmas grotto

Here is the complete schedule of Santa photo availability at the Fountains located next to Loft on the Promenade:

NOVEMBER 26, 2021
From: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Week 1:
Friday, November 26: 11AM-7PM
Saturday, November 27: 11AM-7PM
Sunday, November 28: 12PM-6PM

Week 2:
Friday, December 3: 11AM-7PM
Saturday, December 4: 11AM-7PM
Sunday, December 5: 12PM-6PM

Week 3:
Friday, December 10: 11AM-7PM
Saturday, December 11: 11AM-7PM
Sunday, December 12: 12PM-6PM

Week 4:
Friday, December 17: 11AM-7PM
Saturday, December 18: 11AM-7PM
Sunday, December 19: 12PM-6PM

Week 5:
Monday, December 20: 11AM-7PM
Tuesday, December 21: 11AM-7PM
Wednesday, December 22: 11AM-7PM
Thursday, December 23: 11AM-7PM
Friday, December 24: 11AM-3PM

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