The powers that be at Albertsons have changed their minds and will continue to keep the mask restriction in place for Texas shoppers.

Earlier last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he would be lifting the mask mandate, COVID-19 restrictions and reopen Texas back up to “100%” capacity on March 10, 2021. Soon after, Albertsons announced that they would not require customers in El Paso or elsewhere in Texas to wear a mask when shopping in stores.

The decision to lift the mask requirement was unexpected and received much backlash from El Pasoans and fellow Texans across social media.

I was super disappointed when I heard the news because I love my local Albertsons market. They have been stellar at following safety guidelines, that I couldn’t believe they decided to relax the mask mandate.

Since the inception of this virus, I have praised Albertsons for doing an excellent job of sanitizing everything and making customers feel safe and comfortable while shopping.

I can even recount one time I was legit at least 5 feet from a shopper in front of the register, and the cashier asked me to take two steps back, and I wasn't even mad about her calling me out. So yes, they have been diligently looking out for everyone’s safety.

So when they announced that they were doing away with masks, I was surprised.

But in an extraordinary move, on Friday, Albertsons retracted their decision announcing that they would continue to require Texas shoppers to wear a mask in stores.

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, but it takes a big person, or in this case, a big company, to accept it was wrong.

I applaud Albertson’s and their whole crew for being responsible and acknowledging that we still have a ways to go before we can all go back to normal.


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