One of the best things about the holiday season is all the stuff. Presents, turkeys, cake, pie, cookies, tons of family dropping in to eat all that turkey and cookies and open all those presents. All that stuff means you are going to be generating a lot of trash.

The City's Environmental Services Department decided to make a change to the garbage and recycling collection schedules during the Thanksgiving weekend to let their drivers enjoy the holiday weekend with their family and friends. This is the first time in more than 20 years that their drivers will be off during a Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

If your trash is usually picked up on a Thursday or Friday, you'll need to keep this schedule on your fridge so you don't forget the changes that have been made. These changes are being made for the Thanksgiving weekend only:

Collections for November 28-29, will be rolled to Monday, December 2.
Only gray trash bins will be collected under this holiday schedule, and they should be left out until they are emptied. You can set out your blue recycling bins on your next regular collection day.

If you have excess Thanksgiving holiday waste and you your trash is picked up on the affected dates, you can place bagged trash next to their gray bins for collection at no extra charge during this collection day change.

You can check your collection schedule by downloading the free ESD 'Works For You' app or go to the Environmental Services Department website by clicking here.

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