Wondering what’s it’s like to drive the sleek-looking Tesla? Well, wonder no more because you can take a test drive on what is being called the future of electric cars. 

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Quite a few Tesla vehicles are popping up all over El Paso and if you've ever wondered what the fuss is all about with these electric cars, then get ready to take a test drive this month. 

Tesla electric vehicles are different from those made by other automakers - these bad boys can drive themselves with its nifty Full Self Driving mode, navigate automatically, and, depending on the model, comes with Ludicrous and Insane Modes (Think Spaceballs). Under these Modes, the Tesla can go up against a Ferrari or Lamborghini, thanks to its dual motors that get the electric vehicle up to 60 mph in an impressive 3.5 seconds.

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Coming up on May 22, members of Eco El Paso and its Rio Grande Electric Auto Association (RGEAA) chapter will also be on-site at the Tesla Gallery in West El Paso to help answer questions about transitioning to driving an electric vehicle. 

According to The International Energy Agency, by 2025, up to 70 million electric vehicles will be on roadways across America. El Pasoans who want to learn more about how these impressive electric vehicles run can sign up for a test drive by reserving a spot. 

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Tesla Test Drive Details: 

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