Ah, Christmas. There is nothing more fun that Christmastime, right? All the great food, all the pretty lights, all the amazing parties, all the family coming in from out of town. Ok, maybe that last part isn't the funnest part of Christmas, but you'll just have to deal with it.

One of parts of Christmas that people think is the toughest is doing all the shopping. You have to figure out what present to get which family member and hope that they like whatever it is that you spent hours thinking about and shopping for. But what happens if you get a bad present? You know the one - that weird, scented candle from the dollar store. Or how about that tin of popcorn that you know was popped seven years ago and is barely making it to store shelves after sitting in a warehouse all that time? Or worst of all, the gift of jewelry or perfume or lingerie from your significant other? You'll have to wear the jewelry that you hate, smell like a scent that gives you a headache, and have to try to act like a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Mike and I know it's tough seeing the look on someone's face when you've given them a gift they don't want so we decided to act out how to react when you get a crummy gift. Remember these reactions so you'll never give away the fact that you've been given The Bad Christmas Gift.

Merry Christmas!

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