Every weekday morning during Iris & Grizz In The Morning we ask the people of El Paso one simple question: Am I The Jerk?!

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"Over the weekend, my husband’s parents scolded him for being 15 minutes late to his niece's graduation dinner due to traffic, even though we left the house early. Despite his explanation, they berated him in front of everyone. I thought it was unfair, so I defended him. Am I a jerk for speaking up to his parents publicly?"


Well, the people of El Paso have spoken and this listener is NOT a Jerk! Here’s a few comments explaining why they choose this verdict:

"Um no, you're not the jerk, his parents are! You gave them a taste of their own medicine by publicly humiliating them. Good for you! If he's not the type to stand up for himself, I'm glad you stepped in and did it!"

"No you're not! Good job hun!! He explained and they didn't accept it. If anything, they are the jerks! And as Frank said, I would've said Congratulations and left as well. He didn't deserve that treatment at all."
"No you are NOT a jerk!!!! Your reason seems very valid and plus for them to cause a scene in front of everyone … I would speak up as well! no one is going to disrespect my significant! You are in the right 1000000%!!!!"

Do you agree with the verdict? Share your thoughts!

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