It never fails, every year we start getting calls about parking, what time is what at, when will the fireworks go off here's a list of everything I thought would make your #EPStreetfest an awesome experience!

Music: We have a plethora of music for every one including, Bush, Third Eye Blind, Lit, Adelita’s Way and four more music stages including, the Michelob Ultra Variety Stage, the Budlight Latin Stage, A Silent DJ at the Arts Festival Plaza, The Wild Horse Night Club Indie Stage the T-Mobile Hot Spot Electronic Music Stage…like I said tons of music!

Phone Charging Station: What happens if I need to charge my phone because it died while I took 25 pictures of the same thing? No worries we got you covered with the T-Mobile Recharge Zone, where you can charge your phone for freaking FREE!

Tickets & Event Times: Where can I buy tickets and how much will they be?

Advance Tickets at are available at all El Paso 7 Eleven Alon Stores:

$20.00 Adult Single/ $35.00 Adult Two Day (Children tickets only available at gate)

Street Fest Patio Party Tickets - $110 @ Plaza Box office and Camino Real Hotel - $110 plus fee at

Gate Admission: $30.00 Adult Single $5.00 Children ages 2- 12 (no 2-day available at Gate)

Gates open: 6:00 p.m. Event gates close: 1:00 a.m.

Fireworks: The spectacular fireworks show starts roughly around 10p.m. 

Kids: If you are taking your kids because you are a cool parent exposing them to their first ever #EPStreetfest, then you’ll want to take them by the Pazos Playland where they can play and have plenty of fun. There’s face-painting, and they can also check out the Orielly Auto Parts Championship Rod & Custom Car Show inside the Convention Center over 200 Custom Cars on display! And that too is free!

Bus Route: Sun Metro will offer late-night bus service from the Glory Road Transfer.

Parking: Paid parking is available at the Mills Plaza Parking Garage, as well as other parking garages downtown. If you park at Mills Parking Garage the best entrance to the Festival is in front of the Camino Real

You can also park at the Sun Metro Parking Garage and the El Paso Convention Center Parking Garage. Both will allow you to come through the Convention Center underground entrance to the Street Festival. Get there with plenty of time to avoid delays and have some cash handy to pay up.

Cash / ATM Machines: Cash is King, while there will be a few ATM’s scattered about they tend to run out of money quickly, so be proactive and stop by your local ATM and be prepared.

Last and most important thing, HAVE FUN!! I’ll see you out at #EPStreetfest rolling in my wheelchair (courtesy of Sierra – Gracias) with my broken foot!