So not groovy. The beloved El Paso band, Fungi Mungle needs your help to find out who stole their trailer. Fungi Mungle has released video footage of their trailer being stolen by what looks like two people. They simple just drive up and attach the trailer to their purple Ford explorer.

Please take a good look at this video and reach out to Fungi Mungle if you can help them get their trailer back. If you need to contact them please call them at 915-309-4791. We all love to watch Fungi Mungle perform, so now it is our turn to give them some love and help them find these jerks who just think stealing trailers is cool. It is a big mistake to mess with Fungi Mungle because I believe their passionate fans will help them find these guys quickly. Again, if you know anyone please reach out to them through the phone number mentioned before, or through social media.

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