's one of the biggest music festivals in the world where rising stars & up-and-coming artists can perform for HUGE crowds. El Paso has had many festivals in the past & the wonderful thing is, there are PLENTY of artists who are extremely active; we can EASILY create our OWN Coachella festival. This past weekend, New Mexico State University's radio station, KRUX 91.5 FM, held their OWN mini fest: KRUX Fest 2022. So I think that El Paso should do the same...

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Now of course we would have huge local artists headline the show like Jim Ward, Man the Mute, The P. Razors, Khalid, Cigarettes After Sex (if they're not doing international gigs at the time). So here are some amazing artists from El Paso that would easily fit in an "El Pasoella" festival.

Late Night Drive Home:

This 4 piece indie rock band has REALLY got a ton of attention in the last year: getting nearly 500k monthly listeners on Spotify, with one song reaching over 4.5 streams (not to mention the countless amount of support they get online). LNDH is definitely a shoe-in for one of my picks.

The 1-800:

A local band that gotten noticed from not only Hollywood stars but also huge pop stars like Christina Aguilera? The 1-800 definitely has been getting people listening to them outside of El Paso so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they get asked to play music festivals around the U.S.

Allway Drive:

A band that hasn't put out an album or EP yet (at the time I'm writing this) but has ABSOLUTLEY gained a huge fan base in El Paso. Allway Drive has performed many shows in El Paso & outside of El Paso (including the Whiskey A Go-Go). They definitely have that rock n roll look, the attitude & certainly the energy to bring to a crowd.

Emily Davis & The Murder Police/ Javier Martinez:

I put these two together but they're both HUGE names in the El Paso music scene, both with amazing projects on their own & together (Cult Loveless) so it was impossible NOT to put these two together. Emily has opened up for many legends in the music scene & Javier is one of the most respected names in El Paso, they're perfect for our "El Pasoella" festival.

Radio La Chusma:

We need a latin band for our lineup so why not a crowd favorite: Radio La Chusma. El Paso loves music that grooves & Radio La Chusma absolutely fits that bill. So I think they would absolutely go in OUR bill for our own Coachella festival

Abe Mac:

One of the biggest country artists from El Paso & for good reason: people LOVE hearing him sing. He lives in San Antonio but Abe is an El Pasoan through & through. He always draws a crowd whenever he performs so why not include him as well?

Rivers Ventura:

El Paso has a HUGE indie scene and one of the biggest names is Rivers Ventura. He won the first Minerpalooza Battle of The Bands in 2021 & any time he performs, people flock to see him play. Definitely someone to keep an eye out in the El Paso scene.

Circa Arcana:

Any band that gets noticed outside of El Paso is huge; & Circa Arcana has not only be written about by countless metal magazines, their video shared by The Circle Pit, & they have performed outside of El Paso many times, including Rebel Fest in Florida. A big name in the El Paso metal scene & a sure fire pick for me.

Feline Fox:

You wanna talk about energy? Feline Fox absolutely brings it every time they're on stage. One of the bands who performed at our Pickle Party, they got the crowd going & a band definitely worth giving a listen.


Diversity is a huge part of Coachella's lineup & Estereomance is one of those bands that combine so many styles into one. The art pop trio not only brings the crowds, they've been touring constantly around the Southwest. So with that dedication & that work ethic, I believe they absolutely deserve a spot here.

Fools Like Me:

Representing Juarez/El Paso, the psychedelic rock band is not new to the scene by any means. They've been rocking for years & after taking time off from the pandemic, they have been absolutely busy with shows around El Paso. Not to mention, they would be perfect to hear when the sun goes down...

And last but not least...

Fungi Mungle:

A band that has played Cool Canyon Nights & countless El Paso events, Fungi Mungle is a guaranteed party band & how could I NOT include them here? How could you not love the 70s vibes?

There's many other artists I probably left off but this is just a starting point for our OWN, El Paso version of Coachella.

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