93.1 KISS-FM is partnering with Expert H-V-A-C and Refrigeration for the 10th Annual Heaters For The Holidays.

We're Teaming Up with Expert H-V-A-C and Refrigeration for a Holiday Giveaway

Do you know someone whose heating is going to be inadequate this year? Someone who can't afford a new heater because they lost their job, or are having medical hardships, or maybe they have repairs that need to be made but they just can't quite come up with the money? Don't let them go another winter without a furnace. Let us know about them and they could get a Heater for the Holidays.

Keep Scrolling to Nominate Someone Deserving of a New Heater

Expert H-V-A-C and Refrigeration will give away an Amana Heater from Johnstone Supply with free installation. It’s a $2,500 value!

How Long Do I Have?

The deadline to enter Heaters for the Holidays is 11:59 p.m. Friday night, December 8th. Winners will be announced live on the Morning show with Iris the week of December 18th.

Download the free 93.1 KISSFM app and make sure to turn on those notifications to follow the Heater for the Holidays updates. As we receive entries, we will make sure to remind you when the big announcement will happen on the KISS Morning Show.

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Use the Entry Form Below

Please make sure to fill out everything on the form below to be eligible to win. We hope to highlight those in need and share their stories with our listeners as we help highlight this amazing annual giveaway we are always happy to partner with.

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