Every year the IRS scams roll in and many are taken for hundreds, even thousands of dollars during tax season. These scams are some of the most common so here's an explanation of how to prevent them and protect yourself.



  • Upfront Payments

    If a company asks you to put down a large sum of cash upfront while they work on your return and promise an even bigger sum, this is not possible. No company has the ability to predict a return and NO money should ever be given upfront to do your taxes. To prevent this, if a company asks for money before determining your return, go elsewhere and report it immediately.

  • Aggressive Sales People

    Like the above scam, this one involves aggressive salespeople who try to get clients to believe the outcome of a return will be bigger if they pay them more. In reality, the outcome can only be as much as legally possible and the salesperson is trying to profit off of a misleading return. Again if you find aggressive salespeople where you are getting your return done, go elsewhere.

  • Companies Acting As Service Providers

    There are many companies that act as a tax relief company but in reality they are selling the service and all your information goes to another company. This will lead the customer to believe they are working directly with the marketing company and this company has no control over the product. To avoid this, simply ask the marketing company if they will directly be handling the tax relief before they do anything.

  • Total Fraud

    Unfortunately some companies will outright steal and cheat their customers and the only way to prevent this is to know your company and not go with companies looking like a bit marketing scam. Go with a well-known company or with someone that has been recommended.