When the whole world shut down a little over a year ago, simple things like going to the grocery store and doing all the adulting things you need to do in your daily life ground to a halt. Remember when they were only letting in a certain number of people into grocery stores and you had to stand outside to wait in line to get in? Well, one of the adulting things that fell by the wayside pretty quick was getting your car registration renewed. Pretty early on Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he would put an open-ended moratorium on getting a ticket for driving around with an expired registration sticker. That is coming to an end and pretty fast so be ready.

At midnight on April 14 if your car registration is expired police will now have the option of pulling you over to give you a ticket. I told you it was fast. With so many counties in Texas needing to fill budget holes caused by decreased sales tax revenue and other money issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can be sure that doing something as simple as writing tickets will be high on their list of ways to help out budget problems so you definitely need to get that sticker up to date quickly.

Police Officer Writing Ticket

There are three ways you can get your registration taken care of from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website:

1. Online - Click here to renew your sticker online. You can only do this if your license is expired 9 months or less.

2. By mail - Registration renewal notices are mailed to all registered vehicle owners. Click here for more information and what you'll need to include when you mail it in.

3. In person - Take your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance to the County tax office. Click here for more information.

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