Tax time is a particularly vicious circle of hell we all go through. You make money and the government taxes you on it. Then you have to prepare your tax return, but you want to pay someone who understands the ridiculous maze of tax laws, but you can't because that costs money, and you don't have any because the government taxes your income so much that you sometimes have to live off of ramen noodles and peanut butter. If only there was someone who could help you with your taxes and not charge you a lot of money. You're in luck, there is someone who can do just that!


The AARP Foundation and the City of El Paso Parks and Rec got together and are offering free tax preparation at Parks and Rec Senior Centers. The service is open to people of any age with low to moderate income. Don't let tax time freak you out - check out the locations below and let them help you get through it alive!

Eastside Senior Center 3200 Fierro Dr.
Wednesdays and Fridays (10am- 3pm) (915) 591-4292

Father Martinez Senior Center 9301 Alameda Ave.
Tuesdays (10am-230pm) (915) 860-9131

Hilos de Plata Senior Center 4451 Delta Dr.
Tuesdays and Fridays (9am- 3pm) (915) 533-3207

Memorial Senior Center 1800 Byron St.
Mondays and Wednesdays (10am – 3pm) (915) 562-4260

Nolan Richardson Recreation Center 4435 Maxwell Ave.
Mondays (1-4pm) Saturdays (9am-1pm) (915) 755-7566

Polly Harris Senior Center 650 Wallenberg Dr.
Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) (915) 581-9525