It seems like the spirits that linger around Santa Teresa's Memory Gardens of the Valley don't shy away from the camera. Usually, when you hear or witness some sort of paranormal activity around El Paso happens in the evening. I mean, after all, there have been all sorts of encounters with some sort of paranormal activity around El Paso.

For example, the time Ghost Adventures toured the De Soto Hotel many years ago and caught some disturbance in the hotel's basement. Then last summer someone was out late at night when they noticed a light turning on and off at El Paso High School. Or the time in 2019, someone spotted some unusual activity in a hotel downtown during late-night hours.

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Well, the hauntings still continue except this next story takes place in Santa Teresa. This new creepy story involves Vinny Viramontes and his niece who visited their deceased loved ones at Memory Gardens of the Valley. For those who may not know about Memory Gardens of the Valley, that cemetery is located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Well, Vinny Viramontes and his niece sure do have guts visiting a cemetery in the evening. After visiting their loved ones, they took some pictures and videos that captured possible paranormal activity. Later that night Vinny Viramontes reviewed his pictures and videos and noticed something strange.

via Vinny Viramontes Facebook
via Vinny Viramontes Facebook

In the photo Vinny Viramontes took of his niece, he noticed an unusual figure behind her. You can see the picture above that looks to be a male figure with a cloudy blur by his niece's face. But as for the video below, while Vinny Virmamontes is about to squat down by a grave you can hear a creepy voice saying "this is Robert" along with city noise.

A lot of us like to get spooked or go on ghost hunts around the city in hopes to catch paranormal activity ourselves. But after watching Vinny's video and seeing the ghost-like image tempts our inner curiosity. Let me know if you now want to explore Memory Gardens of the Valley for ghosts after seeing this in the poll below.

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