New photos of a dark ghostly figure surface proving just how haunted Concordia Cemetary truly is in Central El Paso.

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It's no secret that the city of El Paso is haunted. I often joke that El Paso should be nicknamed The Old Haunted City By the Rio Grande because it's true. El Paso has so many haunted places, from schools and restaurants all across the city to old fire stations to dozens of buildings downtown, our city is not only old, but it's all full of ghost stories.

One of our cities most haunted areas includes Concordia Cemetery. Steeped in history and dating back to the mid-1850s, Concordia Cemetery under the Spaghetti Bowl is estimated to hold over 60,000 gravesites with many Buffalo Soldiers, Chinese railroad workers, Freemasons, and the burial place of old west lawmen and several gunslingers including John Wesley Hardin.

Ghosts 915

Concordia Cemetery has some strange and spooky activity going on, especially at night. The area is infamously known to be a hot spot for the paranormal and is said to be visited by sinister Satanists who practice their evil works, mainly because of the cemetery’s ties to Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker.

As I said, there's a lot of history around these parts.

One of the most curious haunted stories is that of a ghostly figure that has been captured in photos over the last few years at Concordia Cemetery. This ghostly black image has recently been popping up again, and these new photos prove just how creepy and haunted Concordia Cemetery is.

Ghosts 915

Recent photos captured during ghost tours hosted by the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society at Concordia Cemetery reveal images of this dark figure all about the site, including under a tree and even near a couple standing around during the tour.

So what can this dark figure be? Some people refer to these apparitions as shadow people or shadow beings. Some say they may be ghosts, an evil entity, time travelers, interdimensional beings, or perhaps aliens, but whatever you want to call them, they remain a mystery to this day.

Whatever this thing is - one thing is for sure - this dark ghostly figure is just more proof that Concordia Cemetery is terrifyingly haunted.

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