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Today is the last Friday the 13th of the year. This day brings much superstition and different beliefs from all over the world.

I will admit that there are several beliefs that I totally believe in, like don’t ever place your purse on the floor because it brings you bad luck with money and I always close my bathroom door so that I don’t lose any money.

They may sound weird but these superstitions may or may not be based on fact and solely on fear. Yet, in some unfounded way, following them makes us feel better.

There are many different superstitions from all over the world and their cultures that have permeated into our everyday lives like throwing spilled salt over your shoulder. Spilling salt was considered an evil omen that dates back to ancient Rome. Once spilled you will have bud luck unless you toss some over your left shoulder into the face of the devil.

The number 13 through out history has long been feared while the actual day of Friday is also considered unlucky. Pair them together and an impeding sense of dread follows.

It may all be folklore but I’m not taking any chances!

Below are a few more superstitions and old wives tales:

  • Knocking on wood – Not to tempt the fates
  • Four-Leaf clover – Brings good luck
  • Wishing on a star – Make a wish on a shooting star
  • Beginner’s luck – Those who try for the first time tend to win
  • Saying ‘Bless You’ – So that the soul doesn’t escape
  • Finding a lucky penny – Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck
  • The Wishbone – Whoever ends up with the bigger end gets their wish
  • Walking under a ladder – Brings bad luck
  • Bad news comes in three’s – When bad news comes back to back a third will surely come
  • Opening an umbrella indoors – Bad luck
  • Breaking a mirror – 7 years bad luck
  • Horseshoes – Brings good luck
  • Black cat crossing your path – Bad Luck
  • Rabbit’s foot – Brings good luck
  • Broom falling – Expect company
  • Hearing an owl – Someone you know will die
  • Wearing your shirt inside out – Bad luck