Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales is coming to El Paso and we want to send you and your family for free! Get ready for a KISS-FM scavenger hunt for your chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets.

Throughout this website, we've hidden 5 images with code words on them. Find each of the 5 images, click the photo, enter the code word and you're entered to win. Each of the images has been hidden in a very popular blogs somewhere on our site. Follow each of the 5 clues below to find each of the blogs, then click on the image inside the story. You can enter all 5 codes for best chances to win.

Tip: Use the search bar on the top, right side of our website to help you find the blogs.

Clue 1:

“It’s the band coming to town that the whole world knows,
Point you in the right “direction” and you’ll find this code”

Clue 2:

“Searching for the code? Use this to find it, 
It’s located in Mike and Tricia’s Christmas Act of Kindness.”

Clue 3:

”His lights bring people from all around
It’s the best lit house in all of the town.”

Clue 4:

”Santa’s making a list of naughty and nice, 
Find the next clue in Holidays on Ice.”

Clue 5:

“Find the code with ease and clarity, 
in Patty’s blog about El Paso charities.”

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