Pull out the fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas and get ready to bundle up, El Paso, because below freezing temperatures are coming.

If you thought it was cold Monday, wait until Thursday morning. The National Weather Service El Paso expects an Artic front to swoop in Wednesday resulting in overnight temperatures at or below freezing through Friday and highs in the low 40s on Thursday.

And unlike the last cold front to hit the Borderland, this time the weather peeps say the caldo slurping temps will stick around for a number of days. NWS EP is forecasting daytime highs in the 40s Thursday and Friday then 50s through the weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I can't wait to swap out my pandemic sweatpants for my winter sweatpants!

Enjoy the cold blast and the chilly temps that will follow, but don’t forget about the four P’s: people, pets, plants, and pipes. Check on the vulnerable, cover up those plants and pipes, and bring in your pets. If you can't or won't then get your pet an insulated dog house. At the very least, build some kind of a protective enclosure to shield your doggo or kitty from the wind and cold.

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