One by one, theater chains across El Paso have reopened, with one exception: Flix Brewhouse. But the reports of its death may be premature.

Anyone who has been patiently waiting for Flix Brewhouse El Paso to reopen is going to have to tap into their resolve a bit longer. How much longer isn’t clear, but the company hasn’t given up the dream of providing film-loving El Pasoans a dine-in movie experience.

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After finding a lock out letter Scotch-taped to its front doors during a recent jaunt to the West Town Marketplace area to pick up sand bags, I reached out to its parent company to see if there was any hope of a comeback or if the Flix Brewhouse concept which combines a microbrewery with a movie theater and a restaurant is dead in El Paso.


The Short History of Flix in El Paso

Flix has been in El Paso for almost two years, but it has been closed longer than it has been open.

The Round Rock, Texas-based movie theater chain opened in September 2019 offering movie-goers dozens of beers on tap brewed in its fully functioning in-house microbrewery along with all kinds of munchies and the latest first-run movies. And it was all good.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso Facebook

But then COVID-19 came along, and following CDC recommendations and local stay at home orders, they did their part to slow the spread and closed temporarily.

For the time being turned into six months.

It finally reopened in September of 2020, but six weeks later after a huge surge in infections the decision was made to comply with the mayor’s order and “promote the health and welfare of the people of El Paso” and go dark once again. They’ve been closed ever since, and now they are locked out, too.

Flix Responds to Lock Out Letter


Is there hope of a comeback or is Flix gone forever? Here is their reply to my inquiry.

We are still working through everything and can't comment at the moment, but we hope to have a positive update for everyone soon.

When I asked if they were trying to revise lease terms with River Oaks Properties, its landlord, as the company has done in the four cities it is currently open in, and if they thought a 2021 reopening in El Paso was possible, they just pretty much reiterated their original comment.

All of those details are ongoing and can't really share anything at the moment, but hope to have an announcement much sooner than later with a positive update.

Like I said at the top, those patiently waiting to sink their teeth into a Duke and wash it down with a cold FLIX Golden Ale will have to remain resolute. But it sounds like there is still a chance.

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