Texas governor Greg Abbott said Monday movie theaters are allowed to reopen as soon as Friday.

Woo-hoo, confinement is over! Bring on the popcorn and blockbuster movies. Yeah, not so fast there, Skippy. Two of the four movie theater companies with screens in El Paso have said Friday is too soon, and the others will likely announce the same soon.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Flix Brewhouse El Paso announced on their respective Facebook accounts their theaters will stay dark for now.

We will not be opening our Texas theaters this weekend. Opening safely is a very complex project that involves countless new procedures and equipment, all of which require extensive training. This is something we cannot and will not do casually or quickly.

There are many things that need to be considered prior to bringing our team and guests back into our building. For this reason, Flix will not be reopening just yet this coming weekend.

AMC and Cinemark have not officially announced their intentions, but a Los Angeles Times article stated AMC Theatres "did not plan to open its 1,000 theaters until Hollywood studios start releasing big movies again," most likely in mid to late July.

The same report said Cinemark had "recently told investors that it probably wouldn’t reopen until July 1, after hiring back its 17,500 laid-off employees and training them in health and safety protocols."

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