You either love or hate the addictive app, Flappy Bird. Dong Nguyen, Hanoi developer and creator of Flappy Bird has decided to take down the game from all app stores because he can not take the pressure anymore. Is he serious?

After fives times of smacking the bird into a pole within a second of playing, I deleted that game. I guess I am not skilled enough to play this game but I know I am not alone in my frustration. You can find tons of memes or people on social media complaining about this game. Some people find it amusing and others want to break their phone.

The point to this game seems to be, getting this cute bird through an obstacle course of pipes, by constantly poking your phone at just the right time. There must be certain techniques to get far in this game because I just don't get it and it pisses me off.

Nguyen is also pretty pissed off to the point of taking down the game over the weekend. He announced his decision by tweeting out his frustration of not being able to "take it anymore" and users are" overusing the app." People are trying to find out what he means by not being able to take it anymore but seemed to be more worried about getting the game back. I tried to find the app this morning and this is all I can see.

Emily's Photo
Emily's Photo


So if you didn't jump on the Flappy Bird bandwagon by now, it's too late. Unless, you know how to hack into stuff because there are rumors of still being able to get the app that way. I don't encourage it, so you didn't hear it from me. Will you miss Flappy Bird?

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