It's been going on for around 25 years now but, finally, we have a winner.

The state of Texas and the Tiguas of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo have been in and out of court more times than I can count. After everything, the final score is Tiguas 1, Texas 0.

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Since 1993, the state of Texas and the Tiguas have been at odds over the tribes gaming activities. Speaking Rock Entertainment Center once offered gaming in a more "Las Vegas-ish" style including card games and 24 hour bar service. In the years since, they have gone through numerous policy changes trying to satisfy Texas' requirements.

All the while, Texas challenged the Tiguas right to do pretty much anything with an endless series of court battles, continuances, appeals ... you name it. What ever legal tactic one side used, the other would immediately counter and the stalemate droned on.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Opinions In Final Week Of The Term
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Until it made it to the U. S. Supreme Court and they finally said "enough is enough".

We are grateful that the Supreme Court has affirmed the Tribe’s sovereignty under the (federal) Restoration Act, and the Tribe will continue to support its members and its community with confidence, secure in the knowledge earned by this legal outcome,” the statement reads. “The Tribe will continue to offer entertainment, concerts, and gaming at Speaking Rock, and is excited to expand its services to better serve the Tribe's members and West Texas.” - El Paso Times

The Tiguas can now breathe a sigh of relief and get back to business. The business, not only of enjoying their rightful activities but, of allowing all the rest of us in the Borderland to enjoy ourselves right along with them.

Congrats to them on a hard earned and well deserved victory.


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