The popular dance 'Flossing' has outraged some teachers in the United Kingdom. According to the Telegraph, one teacher is taking the steps needed to stop bullying in her school. Catherine Cox, headteacher at Ilfracombe Junior School in Devon, UK has issued a statement to her students' parents about the frustration the dance brings.

According to Cox, students use this 'Flossing' dance to intimidate other students. Many parents are defending the dance, they don't see it as a form of bullying fellow students. Who would have thought a silly dance would have this type of violent association when 'Backpack Kid' made it famous? Well, we all have 'Fortnite' to thank for this ban.

If you have been living under a rock, 'Fortnite' is a third-person action building game that has taken over many gamers' lives. Including my boyfriend. I can't stand the dances, the weird purple sky, and the lame costumes. You can call me a hater, but soon enough, that ban will come to the United States.

Many dances have been included in this game, which many players use to taunt after shooting enemies and winning the game. Cox is associating any type of dance included in 'Fortnite' as a form of bully. Now some reports say that they haven't fully banned the dance but there have been incidents that the dance has been used to upset students, so it is not encouraged during lessons and playtime.

Every time I see a kid in public that is 5 years-old or up, they are doing this dance. The last time I went to an El Paso Chihuahua game, this dance is what all the kids were doing on the Chico Dance Cam. There is no stopping 'Flossing' here in America, so good luck if you agree it should be banned.

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