Has your couch seen better days? Those stains and crumbs might make you feel at home, but your guests might get a little grossed out. Us on the other hand, we want to see all the nastiness hiding in every inch of that couch! In honor of the El Paso Spring Home Show & Pet Expo, we want to help you improve your couch issue.

Here's what you need to do:

Submit a photo of you chilling on your crummy, ugly couch, through our 93.1 KISS-FM App and you could possibly win a $2,000 gift certificate from Household Furniture! It's just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Download the 93.1 KISS-FM App.

Step 2: Take the Photo.

Step 3: Open up the App and Submit Your Photo.

KISS El Paso
KISS El Paso

There you go! Take a photo of you, on your couch and you could be walking away with a gift certificate you can use for a new couch, but if you want to keep it, don't worry we won't judge. Your chance to enter the contest ends January 24th!

Here are the entries as of now! We will be updating the gallery and narrowing the contest to the top three, as picked by Mike and Tricia.