If you haven't heard about Google Arts & Culture, it's this cool app that let's you browse the world's museums and have all kinds of amazing art at your fingertips on your phone. It also let's you upload a selfie and it shows you what face in art you most resemble. Unless you live in Texas. We can't have anything nice.

I wanted to see which piece of art Mike and I most resembled according to the app, but when I downloaded it to my phone, I couldn't figure out how to make it work. When I Googled how to use the app, I found out that Texas has strict biometric privacy laws. The way Google can tell which piece of art you resemble is by using biometrics, which is a technology that uses facial recognition to digitally identity people. No company, including Google, can identify you without your consent.

Illinois is another stick-in-the-mud state that won't allow it, either, but we don't live there, so who the hell cares? This is Texas, dammit, and we should be able to take use apps with wild abandon like everyone else, but no, we have to have laws.

Time magazine figured out a few things you can do to access the selfie feature of the app, but they say they don't always work. You can turn off the location services on your phone or turn off location services for all Google apps on your phone (not only the Arts & Culture app). You can also sign up for a Virtual Private Network, but it might cost you a fee. You could also use the app if you travel out of state.

I wonder if you could use it in Las Cruces? Might be worth the road trip.

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