El Paso summers are hot, and City officials found out the hard way that people need someplace to cool off. The first spray park at Sue Young Park in northeast El Paso opened just this past Saturday, but it has had a couple of problems working properly because of the number of people who have flocked to cool off there.

The system that filters and recycles the water is designed to shut down if the level of chlorine is drops. The system is also supposed to get maintenance once a week, but because thousands of people have been using the park since its opening, the system shut down a couple of times on Tuesday of this week.

City officials say they drained the tanks and did the maintenance needed to get the system back up and running. They also say that once other spray parks are built across the city, they don't anticipate problems to continue happening because fewer people will be trying to use just one spray park.

Other spray parks around town that will be built include one at Hidden Valley Park on Coconut Tree Lane, Grandview Park along Jefferson Avenue, Pavo Real Recreation Center along Alameda, Sal Rivas Jr. Park along Pebble Hills Boulevard, Marty Robbins park along Vista Del Sol Drive, Braden Aboud Memorial Park along River Bend Drive, and at
Westside Community Park along High Ridge Drive.

Don't forget, there is also a spray pad at San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso.

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