Do you consider yourself a foodie? Do you like to try new and interesting foods from around the world? Well, I've set out to find the most interesting food in El Paso. I'm looking for the deliciously different. I found this little restraint in Northeast El Paso that serves native food from El Salvadore. They are called Papusas. Similar to a Mexican Gordita or a Quesadilla but different. It's as if you combined the two.

Papusas are made with cornmeal, cheese, and a protein. The one I tried had chicken, beans, and cheese, which was completely it was delicious. You can top the Papusas with pickled cabbage and salsa.

Papusas usually sell for a couple of bucks each, they are also inexpensive. El Paso only has few places that make Papusas (Northeast, Downtown and a food truck in East El Paso). Please let me know if you have any food ideas we should highlight on

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